Sparkow est une solution de merchandising
dédiée au commerce omnicanal

En savoir plus


A client route for the web, mobile, and tablet that is consistent and adapted to each device.


A breakdown of the collection by individual store for a web-to-store merchandising.


Efficient product access in order to quickly fill the shopping cart.

Automated product upload and display in the context of a continually refreshed product offering.

Direct access to a wide and heterogenous product offering.


Test Achats

A customer experience optimized for a wide range of multi-brand fashion products.

A lively, data-rich environment guides the internet user through a dense product offering.

Nomade Aventure

Pourquoi Sparkow ?

Dans un contexte de concurrence exacerbée, la solution Sparkow permet aux e-commerçants d’augmenter leur chiffre d’affaires, de fidéliser leur clients en leur proposant une expérience digitale pertinente et personnalisée. Conçue pour le commerce omnicanal, la solution s’intègre à toutes les plateformes de e-commerce.

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    Improve your e-commerce performance to get the most out of your product offering

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    Enhance profits with product recommendations