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boost their sales performance
by designing a streamlined customer journey
on all channels

Our new name is, sparkow

Increase transformation rate of visitors into customers

Grow average
order value

Improve e-commerce and marketing teams productivity

Provide better prospect and customer experience

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A respected brand mixes an efficient shopping experience with an high-fashion atmosphere.



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Efficient product access in order to quickly fill the shopping cart.



A breakdown of the collection by individual store for a web-to-store merchandising.

A client route for the web, mobile, and tablet that is consistent and adapted to each device.



Pieces et Pneus

"Compario changes brand identity and becomes Sparkow. Fully aligned with product strategy, this new brand is less tied to a functional universe and better represents the width of solutions: Sparkow Personalisation Suite, Sparkow Merchandising, Sparkow Recommendation and Sparkow Digital Store.
Stating values of flexibility and accessibility of the solution, the Sparkow brand will benefit from a clearer understanding on global markets"


Stephane Vendramini, CEO Sparkow